Business Coaching


What is Business Coaching?

As a business coach I assist clients with growing and improving in areas such as emotional intelligence, (EI)  soft skills, and communication. Research shows that improvement in these areas will has a positive impact on a company's bottom line.   

Why is Business Coaching important?

A study of over 40 Fortune 500 companies revealed that sales people with high Emotional Intelligence outperformed those with medium to low EI by 50%.

  • Technical programmers who were measured in the top 10% of the Emotional Intelligence competencies were creating new software three times faster than those with lower measurements.
  • Companies who do a better job of communicating with their employees outperform those who do not, financially. On average a company with an exceptional communications program delivered a 47% greater return to shareholders than the least communicative firms.
  • According to JCA Global, an 18% improvement in productivity for senior managers, resulting from emotional intelligence training, would lead to 150% increase in pre-tax profits.
  • A series of studies found that that approximately 30% of occupational performance is based on EI.

What experience does David have?

I previously worked for 8 years at UTSW Medical Center as an Employees Assistance Specialist. UTSW Medical Center is a world renowned medical research institution and hospital ranked #1 hospital in DFW for 2017 and 2018. I regularly counseled and coached medical professionals, managers, directors, AVP's, and VP's. I also conducted numerous seminars such as Workplace Communication, Managing Emotions in the Workplace, Engaging Yourself to a Better Work Environment, and a mindfulness teaching group for physicians. 

How is Business Coaching different from counseling or therapy?

The counseling field helps clients with diagnosable disorders such as major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, or bipolar disorder. A counselor may also explore past traumas or family of origin. 

With business coaching, we would be partnering to work on specific professional goals (ex. connecting better with staff) for a time limited period without diagnosing any particular disorder. 

How do I start services with David?

Please call me at 972-898-1318 for a consultation on the coaching services you might need and pricing.